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working on my WO package, question about Letters of Recommendation

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Hey guys, I'm a long time lurker here and finally registered. I have founds tons of great info on here but I'm looking for some advice about

Letters of Recommendations. I currently have 4 letters and my recruiter says I need 6. I have 1 from a 2 Star Active USAF pilot, whom I've known most of my life, Aviation CWO5 who I've known 10 years now, my physics professor, and one from someone who was a enlisted (flying crew chief) and is now a Maj in the infantry. That's only 2 letters from Army personnel, will that negatively on my package? I'm really unsure of who to ask for the last two letters. Are pilots from other services ok or do I need to try and go meet some more Warrant Officers?


thanks for the advice!

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I think it depends on the quality of the letters. I used 6 because, well why not? 2 were great, 2 were pretty good, and two were very average. Only 3 were military (2 Army, 1 Marine), no WOs.


You can definitely tell when a letter is generic and when it's personal. Generic letters as "filler" letters won't really help. My belief is that a personal and outstanding letter from a civilian is better than a generic letter from a service member. That's just my opinion though, could be wrong.

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I think it depends on the quality of the letters.

The quality of your LORs is far more important than either the number of LORs or the rank of the authors. Your application requires a specific number of LORs from certain positions (although the civilian application can be vague about the quantity). If you submit more than 3 or 4 you can cloud the reviewer's perception about your packet. remember, we have 1.5-2 minutes to look over your packet, if you submit a pile of LORs, I'm just going to have time to take a glance and read the first and last sentence of 2 or 3. Also, at least for warrant officers, you find any who will simply refuse to write you a LOR. However, if don't have a string interview, or aren't the best qualified you will get a LOR, but it will have wording in it that won't help you get selected. Believe it or not, there are key words that every board member knows to look for, and every letter writer knows to write. Submit only the LORs your application requires and make sure they are the best you can get, this means proof reading if necessary. Mike-
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I had only 3 and they weren't the best. Since I was an inter-service transfer from the Marines my command was less than thrilled that I was jumping ship. I was in a hard to fill MOS and in a position that few attain. My letters were standard format and not very glowing. My pilot letter wasn't even a Warrant. He was some Captain who was in charge of a recruiting station. I sat down for maybe a 30 min interview and he handed over the LOR. Unless you really know the interviewer it's hard to get a quality letter. I'd like to think I got accepted on merit and not for who I knew. Fortunately I got picked up during a tight pre 9/11 climate. It's the same kind of climate you all will face. A lot of the older guys now compare Army Aviation of today to the 90's. Hard to get accepted, hard to get promoted, and not much flying.

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I was around for the Clinton-era drawdown in the early 90s as well. I can tell you from the last two AD WOC and WO promotion boards that it is indeed competitive. This means the letters for the WOC applications hold a lot of merit. I know a couple of board members put more stock in a well written LOR from a CW3 or CW4 that knew the applicant personally or had worked with them, then an LOR from an O-6 or general officer which was generic and had no personal knowleadge of the applicant.


Those of you interested in a technique to get a powerful LOR from a WO who doesn't know you personally, refer to "WOFT, A View from the Top" pinned on the forum. There's a couple of guys (and a gal) on here who used the suggestions and made it work for them. I was personally visited and wrote an LOR for an aspiring civilian WOC in a business suit with a resume in hand who is now getting ready to pin on CW2.



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Alright im going to bump an old thread. Ive got 4 pretty good LOR's as it stands but I’m looking to get 2 more.I am working on a retired state senator and I am looking to get in contact with a senior warrant officer.

1. Chief of Police/Retired AF (good LOR, have known him for years)


2. Retired Army Major/Master Aviator (very good LOR, met him through CoP)


3. Construction Company President (ok LOR, have known him for years)


4. Family Court Judge (very good LOR, have known him for years)



I know this question has been brought up many times but how has anyone else gone about contacting a senior warrant officer for a LOR interview? I have a friend down at Fort Campbell who said he would help me, but that doesnt seem to be working. I’ve been looking everywhere trying to find emails and phone numbers to no avail. I live near Cincinnati, should i start calling up Fort Knox, Fort Campbell, and other relatively local aviation branches asking for their senior warrant officers? I feel like that won’t get me anywhere (no I haven’t tried yet, but its 1am and I’m trying to find a direction to go in). If anyone could help me out that would be great, and if anyone knows a SWO in a 100+ mile radius of Cincinnati id be more than willing to drive and interview him or her.

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