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Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) in Colorado

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Recently came across this.




Montrose Regional Airport is getting a service that I'm not currently aware of called Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) to aid in landings at non-towered airports in mountainous locations where ARTCCs RADAR can't reach. It utilizes several remote antennas that pick up on the transponder in the aircraft and sends the info back to ARTCC who can use it to triangulate the aircrafts location. It seems to only help with aircraft separation when not in RADAR contact.


Anyone have any first hand experience or further info?

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I never heard of it. It sounds like a little bit older technology which works by a pretty basic method of triangulation.


I did note in the news that while WAM is now installed it will be upgraded to "satellite" based system. I would assume that to be ADS-B which is already being phased in and there are operator equipment requiments that will need to be complied with in a few years time.

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