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Build Turbine Time on a ferry flight departing in Tallahassee Regional Airport (KTLH) to Sarasota-Bradenton Intl. Airport (KSRQ) for just $450 an hour on the Robinson R66 Turbine. The flight itself takes about 3 to 4 hours but you will have a safetypilot (CFI) with you and can weather decide to do the standard flight like said above to get experience in a Turbine powered Aircraft or you decide to do some advanced Trainingpost-28760-0-61242600-1355242990_thumb.jpgpost-28760-0-61242600-1355242990_thumb.jpg maneuvers on the way down:


For example: The Aircraft is full IFR equipped and you can do some IFR Approaches to log IFR, Turbine, X/C and PIC Time.


Or you decide to do a Turbine Transition Course, which includes a Total of about 8 hours of flying and 5 hours of ground.


You see, there are several ideas how we can do the flight and it is definitely a fun Tour. We will land somewhere grap a coffee and make a nice trip.


Questions? - Contact us on:

Heli Aviation Florida, LLC

8191 North Tamiami Trail, Hangar B1

Sarasota, Florida 34243




Call: 503-488-0555


and follow us on www.facebook.com/HeliAviationFlorida

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That flight is only about 2 hours at 110kts!


Yeah but think about all the "advanced" skills you will get out of this short trip translift. Also keep in mind that most employers are looking for low time pilots with 2+ hours in an ifr equipped r66..... I mean after one quick ferry trip you can pretty much land a job out there right away. Plus if you plan on going ems , which requires 500+ hours , in trubine, your 2-5hrs ferry in the r66 will help you big time achieving your goal in an blink of an eye.

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