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Yet Another Newbie

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What's up fellas. I'm a new guy to the forum, who is in the process of submitting my packet for WOFT, and who is finding a lot of good advice/tips/laughs on these threads.


I realize that the topic of WOFT and all that accompanies it probably gets a bit repetitive, so I will do my best to post any questions or thoughts in the already present threads.


Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. That way when I start to have more things to post about, you all will know who I am.



That's all for now.

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Thanks! I'm definitely motivated. A series of events between high school and now (10 years later ) have led to making me more devoted to succeeding than anything ever before. I've been frustrated at times already (mostly with the recruiters not being as helpful as I hoped), but I've gotten some good advice, I have some people in my corner and I'm giving it my all.

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