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Good or Bad?


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Whatcha guys think? I thought they were still American owned...


China believe there's precious little time to get out of U.S. dollars and into tangible assets that can not be printed out of thin air or inflated away.


Nations such as China are spending dollars by buying natural resources and other things in other nations in an attempt to relieve themselves of excess dollars earned in trade. Both Russia and China fully realize that the US dollar is in serious trouble and has been for a number of years due to fiscal debt and the unbridled creation of money and credit by the Federal Reserve. They know the dollar is in serious trouble and what the outcome will probably be.


The only investors who are being afforded protection are those who have invested in gold and silver and commodities (All Real Stuff). That is less than 2% of the American population.


As long as quantitative easing (Printing Money) is official Fed and Wall Street policy, gold is going to continue to rise with silver, and the stronger the case is that gold is the real world reserve currency. That means all currencies will eventually have to be backed by gold.


How are the Chinese converting their American dollars into tangible assets before the purchasing power of those dollars disappears? They are buying American businesses and real estate. In California, Chinese are buying one out of every ten homes with US dollars from China.


Its musical chairs and the plan is to off-load dollars, for tangible assets, before the music stops.


Dollar no longer primary oil currency


Beijing Diversifies Away From U.S. Dollar


Why are the Chinese investing in Toledo?


The following video tells only of one result of what’s happened, the real cause was left out.



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