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1000-1500 hr pilot job in NYC?


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Looking to move to the NYC area in the near future, I will have 1300-1500 hrs, I'm a part 135 CFII, and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on somewhere that I would be qualified for. I have some turbine time, about 30 hrs, and a lot of tour, flight instruction, photo/filming experience, and 135 charter work. Any ideas would be Appreciated!


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I also have experience in the area, my first job out of flight school I was based in linden, NJ and spent 7 months doing flight instruction, tours, and aerial photography so i have "river experience" as its referred to in the area... just curious if anyone out there is aware of the mini nuns for the different companies operating around there as I have had a difficult time getting in touch with staff there who can fill me in. Thanks for the help!

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