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Been flying ENG for over 12 years in San Diego. Perhaps a tad longer then one would want to do ENG but it's been very prosperous for me. Although I don't have allot of experience in other sectors of the industry I would be happy to answer questions about the ENG life if needed.


Kyle :space ship:

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LOL! That's right Neville,

We're out knocking down beers everynight to the tune of old times! Actually, I haven't had a drinking buddy in 26 years(my kids won't let me) and I wouldn't know Brian Fenessy if he came up and kicked me in the ankle, other then we exchange brief communications on the radio about once a month.


As far as 10 not covering the story about the helo, the worst thing that could have happened was that I mentioned anything about it at all since I am the last person they ever listen to when it comes to news stories. We're the only station in town who uses Copter one in their promos instead of Sky10. Ya, you know that I'm loving that one.


I'm home every night and the Chin Dynasty treats me well. Other then that, I'll leave the part about traveling the world and making drinking buddies for you.


Don't you know by now that if the story isn't in the morning's paper, the local news agencies arn't interested in it? Time to start learning some of the politics, Neville. Just when you're thinking that their is some conspiracy at the station, it turns out that it is nothing more then a producer who is only reporting material if the other guys are. No secret.... Just filling the spaces between commercials. It's rare to see a news agency who is still interested in "getting the scoop"  :throw computer:

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Hello Sky10

I have to admit you have my dream job!

I'm still working on the CFI route up in Salinas, CA. But flying in San Diego is where I eventually want to end up. I stopped by Civic last February to see the school but was hoping to meet you or see Sky10.

I was wondering if you had advice or guidance for someone interested in flying ENG in the San Diego or L.A. area. Beyond having 1500+ hours and turbine experience what other skills and contacts are useful?

Would it be useless to join the NBPA before having a job?

What are your hours?

How did you start working for Mr. Tu? Does he still own the ENG side of Civic?

Do you make enough money to live comfortably in SD?

Are you annoyed by my questions yet???

Thanks in advance for any info you can give!


PS: I'm going to be in the area for the 4th of July, maybe I'll see ya around.

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As far as advice, one thing that has helped (for me anyway) in working in ENG is having a solid knowledge in electronics. It seems like more often then not I am working with the engineers on some new addition of equipment into the bird. And being able to at least talk the lingo has helped over the years. And man, do they love to talk lingo! I supposed it may have helped that from day one I was always flying aerial stills or video for someone around town.


From what I can tell, there always seems to be opportunities to get in doing ENG when one has about 1000 hrs. In fact, ENG work always seems to be looked upon as an entry level position to other jobs such as EMS, lift, etc. I just happened to stay with it so long because it has paid real well due to my circumstances and because it has me home every night with the family. Most ENG positions from what I have seen, require doing the split shift deal. i.e. fly the morning shows, home to sleep or whatever then back for the evening shows. I did that for two years and hope to never do it again. My hours now are 10:30-7:00, 4 days a week then call on weekends. Fortunately I am hardly ever called in on weekends and occasionally called in earlier then normal on some breaking news if I can't track down another guy to go in. But all in all, they have been great.


Lets see, I have actually worked for Civic twice. The first time was in 89 when I was hired because I was the only one around with a CFII. It worked for Civic because they had a new IFR ship and it worked for me cause I wanted out of Orange County. It was two years prior that I went to work for another contractor flying Sky10 before Chin ended up with the contract. That's the second time and it's been going along ever since. In between was some GOM time and other assorted things.


Hard to believe but that really is the abbreviated version.

Come on by the station when you're in town and I'll fill you in on the rest.

Now for some emoticons: :nuncha:  :cheers:

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Hey Sky10

Thank you for the info and taking the time to post.

It will probably be Friday, July 2nd before I can stop by. Should I make an appointment?

There's a chance I might not make it down there though. A ferry flight from Rhode Island back to Salinas in a R44 is in the works. It's a good deal, but as usual I won't know for sure until right before the date.

Sometimes I wish I never learned about "opportunity cost."


Take care

:blues:  :call me:

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Hi Sky10!!


First thank you for making such a great give a youngster like me and others a chance to ask...


My question is:


Do you get into ENG flying on a 206 for example without previous turbine experience?


I have CFI-I and CFI and 1,100hrs and about 20hrs SIC on 214 and about 14hrs dual on 206...


I hear many times that people get a job with less then I have but that's what I just hear.. rumors looks like..


If tour operator taking non-turbine-experienced people and let them fly with passengers over the Grand Canion or/and in Alaska.. why doesn't that work for ENG as well...


I would love to fly early morning shifts for example.. but that's just me I guess...


Would you have any tips how I should approach operators/owners to get into that kind of flying..


Thanks in advance,


Andy :bowdown:

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I am going to add to the list of questions here :D


What is an estimated average pay for a ENG pilot?


Im just starting my training and am wondering where i might want to go when im through. I know ill need more hours and experiance but i was wanting to do something along the lines of ENG, EMS, tours..or just random stuff. I may be a CFI for awhile to build up hours before i venture into any other jobs. But any information would be wonderful :)

Thanks for your time.

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Ok, another newb post- but a little off-topic... Sky10, do you have any advice concerning training with Civic's instructors, anything from etiquette to actual flying?  I hope to start flying there this March, I went for an intro ride with Chin on the 4th of July this year, and although I sucked at hovering, I did pretty well with the rest of the lesson... so... just curious.  Hope this post isn't too vague, I'm kinda ::lost::
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