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GT Score Improvement

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I did a quick search but everything associated with GT score tends to come up with stats or the accepted thread. Gave this one a pretty definitive title so hopefully future searches on the subject show up easily.


I was just wondering if the ASVAB is something I could retest for to get a higher GT score on or if it was similar to the SIFT in that what you get is what you get. When I took the ASVAB before my prior enlistment 7 years ago, I was 18 and just wanted in the Army and really didn't care about scoring high for anything and got a 117 GT.


Now I'm looking to get a better score for a stronger packet and I believe that after getting a B.S. I will likely score higher. Would this be something I could retake a few times to polish my packet? Thanks for the information and all the help everyone continually gives!



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Your talking about raising your GT score, right? The general rule is 110+ can get you into anything in the Army ... The "FAST class" is what youd be talking about ...


For Soldiers in today's Army, competencies in basic academic subjects such as reading, writing, and mathematics are as important as ever. Army Education Centers provide several programs under the FAST umbrella. These programs support career and personal goals by helping Soldiers improve job proficiency and preparedness for advanced military and civilian schooling. The method of delivery for FAST programs now incorporates the use of a self-paced computer program called Lifetime Library. This easy-to-use program includes a placement exam that places Soldiers in the appropriate level of instruction. Programs available through FAST are:

  • Basic Skills Education Program (BSEP): For Soldiers who want to improve General Technical (GT) scores and Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) scores of less than 10.2.
  • GT Improvement: For Soldiers who want to improve their GT scores and have a GT score of less than 110 and TABE scores of 10.2 or above.
  • General Education Development (GED) Test Preparation: For Soldiers who enlisted without a high school diploma or GED.
  • Reading Skill Development: For Soldiers planning to attend advanced military schooling who want/need to improve their reading skills.
  • Preparation for College: For Soldiers who need help preparing for college placement tests or college courses.

Commanders or Counselors can refer Soldiers for any part of the program. Since BSEP, GT Improvement, and Reading Skill Improvement are on duty programs, Soldiers must get their Commander's approval to attend. GED Test Preparation and Preparation for College are available after duty hours so commander approval to participate is not required. For more information, please contact or visit your nearest Army Education Center.

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Well to make things more complicated, I ETS'd out of the Army in 2009 so I'd be running down the civilian pipeline. I believe my GT score is still valid but as I said, I'd like to try and improve it for a stronger packet. Thanks for all the help again.

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Um... As a civilian, my younger brother has taken it 3 times now(hes still in high school) in order to score higher so he can enlist. I dont know if theyll allow you to because your score is passing for anything you want but it would appear the policy is take it as much as you want. There might be a wait time inbetween tests though like 3 months or something. Talk to your/a recruiter

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