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Helicopters used at our Airsoft Field

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First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Terrance and I own one of the biggest airsoft fields in Ohio. We have large military scenarios that would be awesome to have helicopters drop them off into the battle zone. The helicopters in no way would be shot at or tried to be shot out of.

The main reason I am here and as my titles says I am interested in finding out information pertaining to the uses of Helicopters at our airsoft field. I know little to nothing about the subject. I would like to use them as sort of a taxi where people could be dropped off and picked up from the field. We have several really large farming fields that are 30+ acres. Is this even something that can be done?


If I have posted this in the wrong area or this question sounds crazy, I apoligize. I'm just trying to find some information on the subject. Thanks for looking.

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I would contact local helicopter charter operators in your area to work out deal. I'm sure someone would be happy to offer tour type service from your property for enough paying customers. If it is your property, then there should be no issues with landing onsite. I'm sure the operator will require designated controlled landing zones. They will probably want to pick up and drop off at the same location because it is safer, more efficient for passenger turnover and does not require a part 135 operation.


The helicopters you are likey to get access to will be small 3-4 passanger aicraft. The price may be higher and the cool factor will be lower than you think. Just don't expect to have Hueys landing in the smoke while playing Flight of the Valkyries on the PA.

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