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Another Job Requirement Question?


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Insurance often drives those requirements, but there are other reasons, as well. If one is going out for a government OAS/OAM card, recent experience in make and model is required. For some certificate holders the training program is driven by recent experience. Training for a Part 135 job, for example, may be less if someone is current on that aircraft under Part 135. It can also drive the costs of recurrent training at a major training facility, such as Simuflite.


A pilot who is current is one that's in a current state of being found acceptable by an employer, in many cases. This is different than someone who is not employed, or who has their own aircraft. Being vetted by a current employer, which is being recognized as having acceptable behavior, flight skills, and currently meeting the desires and needs of a paying company, means a lot to the next employer.


The old saying rings true that it's far easier to get a job when you've got a job.

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I first thought it might have something to do with being current, but then I thought, 100 hours in 12 months doesn't necessarily make you current, especially if you consider seasonal and/or CFI jobs!


Pilot "A" could have over 100 hours in the last 12 months, but since he flew most of those hours during the first 5 he only has 7 hours in the last 7 months,...not very current!


Pilot "B" has only 40 hours for the last 12 months, but 30 of them were during this last month,...seems like he would be more "current"?

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