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Robinson Safety Course June 3rd-6th


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I know my buddy is. He wants me to go with him, but everyone keeps telling me to wait until I'm commercial rated, so that's what I'm doing. I'll probably be going in August


There's probably no need to go until just before/after your CFI ride, since (unless you're planning on owning, or renting) that's when you'll start to need it. Plus I think CFIs have to go every two years (could just be my school though, I haven't checked the SFAR)?

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The factory course isn't required by any regulation. If it's required for employment at any company, it's either because they want it or an insurance company wants it. The course in August will be between semesters for me, rather than in the middle of semesters. Plus, the hiring process at my school often starts before the semester is over. I personally know a few CFI's at my school that were conditionally hired on before they had completed check rides. The condition that they pass their check rides.

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