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Anyone have access to AERO?

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Good Afternoon everyone.


I been all over this forum like crazy since last year when I finally put myself into action in pursuing a shot at WOFT as a civilian. This Started in Feb of 12 and here we are a full year later and still haven't had a battalion board yet. Currently I am waiting on my IFC1 to get approved which was started in 8/2012. Through all of the hiccups and nonsense with meps and flight med I had to submit a med waiver for anemia in November which was lost and had to be resent in January.


As of last week i find out that again my phys came back as incomplete! As a civilian I have been dealing with flight medicine directly on most of my physical. Trying to stay away from my recruiters office because they have been a piece of work to deal with since the beginning...


In any case does anyone on here have access to AERO? I am trying to get intouch with someone who can tell me what the hold up is with my physical.

I have called Mr. Garcia at Rucker and also spoke with Adele there also. They won't give me any answers and tell me to contact the flight clinic. Following that advise I do that but also hit a dead end. The nurse there is either always out of office or never gets back in touch with me. I am pretty much lost without any contacts as a civi and knowing that progress is being held up for some silly reason or error is really beginning to get the best of me. I just want to know what I need to do to move forward. Can anyone on here provide any assistance?


Thank you,


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Where did you do your flight physical? An Army base? It seems weird to me that if you did it at an Army base, it would come back as "incomplete." Not saying at all that it's your fault, but that's just weird. Is there maybe another base you can do a flight physical at? Another person at the flight clinic you can call? I responded to your post in the other thread but I'll just repeat this part here--find another recruiter. I know it seems like a huge pain in the ass, but it will be even worse if you "tough it out" and submit your packet only to find out it didn't even reach the board because your recruiter didn't care enough about your packet to make sure everything was right. It could happen, and is likely to happen with a recruiter that just doesn't care. Find another one. Maybe if you can get one who knows what he is doing, he can advocate for you and go through channels that you can't because you are a civilian. For example, maybe he can find a phone number for a different individual at the flight clinic.


Hope that helps.


By the way, I fully understand your frustrations. I've been working on my packet on and off since 2011.

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Flight physicals come back as "incomplete" pretty often. I went through Ft. Leavenworth to do mine and the flight doc forgot to enter some of the info into Aero, it was just a few little boxes that didn't have any numbers input into them and my accessions officer didn't find this out until 20 days before I was supposed to go to the fed rec board so I had to jump through my ass to get it fixed, which included another trip back to ft leavenworth to see the flight doc. I went into our med SGT to get my flight physical printed off for my packet and he prints off my front page with a big incomplete stamp on it, after 120 days he never checked up on it. :mellow:



I wouldn't get discouraged but I would call back down to Rucker and explain your situation and one of those two should be willing to help you. Tell them that you have contacted the nurse line several times and have yet to get a call back. If they don't help you get the number for Lyster appointment line and tell them that you need to leave a message for the flight doc and that might get you a call back, then you can explain your situation and see if that gets you some help.

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