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VA benefits VRAP program


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I have been out of the military for 14 yrs now, and never used my GI Bill, so believe I lost those benefits. I am however approved for the VA's new VRAP program, or veterans retraining assistance program. It shows, and I hear I can use it for flight training towards commercial and training conducive towards becoming a professional pilot. I am already a licensed heli pilot (private) with about 255 hrs, and was working towards commercial. I would like to finish that out and possibly get instrument on way as they were the only requirements I needed for Comm. (10 instrument hrs)

Does anyone have any experience with getting the flight training thru this program? Anyone know or are a VA employee that could steer me in right direction? It does say in some places, that it is used towards a 2 year degree or certificate program, which I'd rather not do, since I'm way past that point in college credits already, now going onto my 4 th year of my bachelors degree. I know I rea they now include flight training to certain schools, just wondering what or who hose certain schools or programs are so as all the benefit money ($1564/ month for 12 months) would go entire

U to flight training

Ay help here?



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I'd recommend calling the VA rep at a college that has a flight program and talk to them. I don't know of many people who use that program for flight school and I don't remember ever seeing it brought up on this forum, although I could be wrong. VA rep at a college with a flight program would be able to help you better than we can.


Also, you mentioned the two year degree thing. From my experience with the Post 9/11 GI Bill, you just had to be enrolled in a degree seeking program. If you already had the required Gen Ed classes knocked out and were transferable, they would transfer and all you had to do was take the flight classes.


I know a few people who have taken that route because they already had those gen eds knocked out. I wish I would have taken gen eds while I was still in the Army.... stupid me...

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