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300CB engine cough

Sling Wing MGC

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I was evaluating one of my students about a year ago on his 180 auto proficiency. In the flare portion of the auto, when you start to pull the engine back online, she coughed out. By the time I had screamed the all so often "I have controls" at my student the engine came online again and gave us a good 45 degrees of right yaw. We were past the point of no return for a full down so I went ahead and executed the FTD. No damage was done to the aircraft and no injurys occured. The POH says use full carb head for maneuvers pulling under 17in MP. I feel like the heat from the carb, the high DA, and the high temperature starved the engine of air. Has anyone else had an issue like this before.

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If I was flying a carb'd 300 and doing power recovery autos I probabally wouldn't use carb heat unless conditions warranted it... that said, follow the POH... Remember to keep the engine at 2400 on the CB during the descent... don't roll it to idle. I'm assuming you had it rolled to idle?


Starved of air... kind of..making an overly rich condition. Carbs and helicopters for training are a very dumb idea. What do you estimate the DA to have been?

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