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Can you work in Canada and USA and are low time?

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If you are a low time pilot trying to get your foot in the door, AND you can legally work in Canada, AND you have an FAA commercial license you should send your resume to:




I'm not sure how much validity to the rumours are, but it sounds like they might be looking for co-pilots for their Sikorsky S-61's. It seems there is an issue getting work permits for employees that have not been with the company for one year, so they need co-pilots that can legally work in Canada.


If you can work in Canada AND the USA, your chances of getting picked up as a co-pilot are really good.


I hope this helps someone!

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They've got operations in the USA, too, so if you have an FAA commercial, it probably wouldn't hurt to send them a resume anyways. The worst that can happen is they don't call you back like everyone else you send your resume to. =(


You'll never make command pilot, but its an awesome job for a 200 hour pilot!


Heli logging is rough on co-pilots. You'll spend your first few days puking into a bag wondering why you ever wanted to be a helicopter pilot. I hear the co-pilots they have only really like to do fire fighting because there is no puking.


As you'll need to be type rated as SIC, you will be unable to log PIC at all, ever, unless you get type rated as a PIC, which wont happen. You WILL be logging turbine time.


If anyone lives near there, stop by and introduce yourself. They seem to be pretty friendly people.

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