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Changes to the forum

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I have noticed some recent changes lately, posts do not show who has "liked" them, if I look at a post I have made it shows under my profile info how many "Warning" points I have but, does not show that on posts made by others. Did I miss the announcement, what is the benefit of these changes?


I have an idea on the warning points, and if I am right, I think it is a good idea. On the not showing who "liked" a post, I'm not so sure of. I am not concerned weather or not everyone can see that (some one gave me a cookie) because of a post I made. I have learned that the old system did give me a way of knowing the validity of another members post based on who did "liked" it.

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I liked your post so much I "liked" it ! I'm not going to unlike it either !



I liked your post because I like you liking her post as I also like her post. It can be never ending!


Too funny. :lol:

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