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How strict are employer requirements?


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Generally speaking, I would say that if you are within 5-10% of the requirement, then no harm in giving it a shot.


It may also depend on which specific requirement you are talking about and what/who is driving the requirement, I.e. insurance, regulation, accreditation, contract, etc. . . they may or may not have flexibility.


Having said that, the law of supply and demand will be relevant when employers are making hiring decisions. If they have plenty of candidates meeting the qualifications, you will be ignored. If not, then you become the next best option.

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Employers are as strict as they want to be. It depends entirely on how badly they need to fill seats today. Some days they have an excess of applicants, and are even stricter than published. Some days they need more pilots, so they're less strict. It all depends on which day it is, and you never know until you try for a job on a particular day.

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