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R22/R44 sharing/co-ownership?


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Hi guys,


I'm new here and did a quick search but didn't find any info on this.


I began my training late last year. Though I'm quite happy with my flight school, I've always wanted to own a R22 or R44 and get trained in it. The major benefit is definitely the cost and freedom, as I found in other posts on this forum. If I remember this right, R22 costs about $200 per hour including everything (overhaul reserve, maintenance, fuel, insurance, hangar). Plus the fact that I can go anywhere at anytime, without worrying about rental fees being charged by the hour. Plus after training, I won't be left with nothing if my school doesn't offer me a job ($80K for average training is almost half an 5 year old R22...)


This sounds nice and all, but a $200K R22 is not something I can easily afford. However, if there're like-minded pilots/students who want to jointly own one with me, this might potentially work. Does anyone know of such program, or have experience in doing this? Or is anyone interested?


If there're enough people, a 44 may even be possible....


I don't know, I'm just a super novice looking for options. Please laugh gently if you find this ridiculous...

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unfortunately you said it yourself "a 200k R22 is not something i can easily afford"


A partnership can be very messy and go horribly wrong... "ehhh, I can't afford this anymore, I'm gonna need you guys to buy me out or we'll have to sell it"


Unless you have the financial ability to pull it off yourself and MAYBE sell a few hours to others I would advise not trying it. Save up and buy a $70000 269 and go have a ball.

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