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Stratus and Foreflight


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I am thinking about getting a Stratus ADS-B receiver for flying in the GoM but am concerned about reception at the lower altitudes that we tend to fly (the site says it is good over 1500, but we tend to fly below 1000 most of the time).


Has anyone used it in the GoM that could give some feedback on your experience?



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Foreflight is great and I would use it. If you have the locations of all the platforms you go to they can be imported into foreflight via Itunes as user waypoints. Great for flight planning and maybe enroute too.


My concern with using ADS-B Stratus for you would be reception. On weather days you are going to be flying low and far offshore. So I would check with Stratus and those who know about the reception of ADS-B before you buy it.

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Thanks JD ... unfortunately, I already contacted them, and they didn't know, and didn't have any feedback from pilots on the subject. That either means nobody is using it, or nobody has had any problems (not sure which).


I already am an avid user of foreflight, both in the gulf, and when I am flying fixed wing as well.

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What about talking to Stratus and asking them about return policies? That way if you don't get the reception you expected, you can just send it back.


Sounds like one of few options. If you already work in the GoM, why not ask some of the pilots you know? Find out if anyone uses it and inquire about their results.

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