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News from USAREC WO Recruiting Team regarding May 2013 board

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I talked to the USAREC WO recruiting team this afternoon and the 500 seats to be cut will have NO EFFECT on the May 2013 board for civilians or active duty, at least as of today. Also, all of the open seats from the March 2013 board for 153A are being rolled over into the May 2013 board, therefore the May 2013 board will not be twice as competitive as people on here originally thought, this is for active and civilian. There are 178 total active duty applicants being boarded for 153A on the May board with 76 total available seats (these numbers INCLUDE the rollovers from the March board). This puts the acceptance rate for active duty applicants on the March 2013 board at 42%. Not as dire as everyone on here first thought. All of this is current as of today, obviously things can change a lot over the next two weeks before the board goes. I don't know the specific number of applicants or seats for the civilian board because I didn't ask.

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