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U174 Plugs and Stereo Audio

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Hey gang,


I have a question about U174 style helicopter headsets plugs. Below is a pinout diagram for the U174 style plug. This same pinout is used on a Zulu 2 or Bose A20 stereo capable headset. What I am coming to understand is that if you want to have stereo audio from a stereo audio capable ICS such as a GMA 35 or a GMA 350H you would need to convert your plugs to a fixed wing style dual plug headset jack and buy all new headsets or send your headsets back to Lightspeed of Bose for conversion. It's amazing to me that none of this information is clearly published either on Garmin's website. Is this really the case or am I missing something?



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hmmm interesting. I understand now. Yes the U174 doesn't have true stereo capability without adding an extra terminal. I suppose flying under 150kts doesn't afford a need to listen to different conversations in each ear.

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There aren't enough pins on the plug to permit stereo. Stereo requires at least three pins - right, left, and ground. Two pins only permit mono audio. Stereo didn't exist when those plugs were designed, and IMO there is no real need for stereo in the cockpit. It' just another way to extract more pictures of dead Presidents from those with more dollars than sense.

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