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Garmin GMA-35 wired for 7 passengers

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Hey guys,


I'm hoping someone here may have run into this problem. I am looking to install a GMA35 with my GTN 750 in the EC-130. Garmin's site clearly explains that the GMA35 is capable of "Six/Seven position intercom: pilot, copilot, four or five passengers." But what I don't understand is the unit only shows 6 possible physical headset hookups. I don't want to run a mic in parallel for obvious reasons so what is the right way to get that 7th connection Garmin refers to. Has anyone dealt with this?




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I figured it out.... Not that anyone seems to really need this information considering it's kind of esoteric but here it goes...


In order to make this work Garmin wants you to parallel the 5th headset and wire the mic into the module 5 on the GMA 35. Then a special software file is sent to you from Garmin that enables the module 5 to act as an audio receiver and configures the GTN 750 to know what to do with it. I'll let you know if it works.

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