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Rescue Swimmers Equipment


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I'd like to know, Whats the story on Rescue swimmers head gear,
my understanding is that there is a need for head protection
concerning helicopter rescue swimmers.
I have viewed the prospective problems and have developed a concept, . . .As a developer, I'd like to know what you think about this.




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Pretty cool concept. Have you shown this to any rescue swimmers and asked what they thought?


Assuming you could make it all waterproof and durable, I think those components would come in very handy. The only one I'm not sure about it the helmet part. How would you fight the buoyancy of the foam? Seems like having to fight my head wanting to be pulled up while swimming under water would get tiring.

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The wet suit model is for wet suits and would be the same material, . .

The hard cap for the rescue swimmer would be made from elastic form fit material and not necessarily foam, however the rescue swimmer may have less need to be submerged, the helmet part would be form fit, and therefore would need to be designed with live model fitting etc.


The idea is to protect the rescue swimmer from head injuries as per

incident data which I do not have but received comments from Naval personnel involved in such developments.


I did post this in the LinkedIn group ;

US Navy Search and Rescue (SAR) Swimmers

However there has been complete absence of comment.





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Gotcha. Well I hope this one catches on for you. I know communication is key with things like that and it seems like all they have right now is hand signals (correct me if I'm wrong). I like it, if I were a rescue swimmer I'd wear it. I hope you get some responses from that network. If not, you could always try dropping in on them or dig up an email for the SAR recruiters or something. Don't forget about the Coast Guard either.

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The Air Force prides themselves on SAR. I would make contacting them quickly a priority. They probably do far less water rescue training, but I imagine they would be the most eager to interact with you. A lot of law enforcement agencies in larger cities train in water rescue also.

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