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Well its official, pretty soon we'll all have jobs!


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I just got my issue of ROTOR today, and came across a nice article; "Flight Schools: The Measure of Success" in which the President and CEO of the Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) stated that there's a "...shortage of pilots looming on the horizon"!,..."we need to get more people in the air"!


So its official, there IS a pilot shortage coming! I mean,...a President/CEO wouldn't lie, right?


Even the person who wrote the article said "...we are facing a shortage of pilots"!,...and he's a member of HAI!


So all you CFIIs who haven't flown since your checkrides 2 years ago, start rejoicing, for your wait is nearly over!



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There isn't a shortage of low time pilots and there probably never will be. Especially low time pilots with poor attitudes.


Right place - Right time - Right attitude.


There is however, a shortage of skilled 3,000+ hr pilots and there definately always will be. To go from low time to 3,000+ a few people have to take a chance on you. When those people come along, take the opportunity, give 100%, and fly safe.


Good luck out there and enjoy the ride!

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It would appear helicopters are only a minor element of FSANA.


The comments attributed to Mr. Rockmaker probably were more in line with fixed wing operators. Plus, while Ms. Landis is a helicopter operator, she is apparently is the only one on the board and I don’t see Ocean Helicopters as a sector leader albeit from the surface, it appears to be a legit school… Not sure who Ms. Sparks is….. In short, nothing new. It’s more-or-less a drive to get more folks to hand over more cash to get certified and subsequently work……. somewhere……Doing something.....

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Awh come on guys don't be so negative! These aren't faceless internet yo-hos making this claim. This is ROTOR magazine from the Helicopter Association International "for the industry, by the industry",...they wouldn't publish lies!


No!,....No,...THIS TIME its gonna happen!

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My sister in law is a nurse. She recently applied to a large hospital. HR told her that over 800 nurses applied for 5 openings.

Maybe once all those Vietnam era nurses retire she'll be able to get a job. For now, she's still a low time RN working in a nursing home.

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Funny I started this one about a year and a half ago, and now the shortage has changed to a less specific, "...over the next 20 years", according to the guy from Hillsboro in an article I just read in RP, who just sold his school.


Instead of censoring words like sh*t and f**k, they should start bleeping the words "pilot shortage",...much more offensive if you ask me.

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