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Top 3 Best/Worst movies about flying

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We all have a passion or being pilots and we have made a lot of movie references, so I thought I'd see which movies you all liked best/ worst.

There are a lot to choose from, and with varying amounts of flying footage, but gives us your top 3 best and worst.

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The last "American" version of Godzilla had a pretty cool helicopter chase, as did Outbreak. Rambo's also done some pretty cool stuff with choppers, but as for a "helicopter" movie? The Army's answer to Top Gun with Nick Cage was,...well,...eh? Blue Thunder wasn't bad. Kind of a B+ movie for the 80s.


If we're just talking about "flying" movies in gerneral I kinda liked the one about WWI pilots they put out a few years back,...can't remember the name though,...Flyboys,...maybe?

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Air Force One. Love the scence where the F-15s EJETT all stores and go Full AB to take out the MiGs. Somehow they are able to miracously shot them down after they jettisioned the munitions. But still, a great scene none-the-less.

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3. Hotshots

2. The Great Santini

1. The Right Stuff



4. Firebirds.

3. Iron Eagle 1- through how ever many they made.....

2. TOPGUN. Whoever had in their Top 3 should be punched in the face.

1. Any aviation movie made after 2000, with "special" status given to Red Tails.

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wait, are there any movies about kiowas? Chinooks? ahhhhhhhh didn't think so...lol APACHE!!!!!


anyways, top gun of course but the 212 stunts in the new A-team movie are pretty sweet... I do that all the time lol stupid Hollywood pisses me off sometimes... can't wait for top gun 2 to show up. they are filming it now btw

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If ya'll have never seen it, Id recommend the following:



Red Baron ( 1st german directed/produced war movie that glorifies the WWI ace).







Another good naval aviation movie is :


Speed and Angels





Bridges at Toko-Ri (great 1!)




Battle of Britain ( Great aerial cinematography- nothing computer animated! all really a/c!)





Strategic Air Command with Jimmy Stewart


All great movies

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Top movies

The Right Stuff
Top Gun
Apocalypse Now
The Final Countdown
The Bridges at Toko-Ri
The Great Santini
The Battle of Britain
Flight of The Intruder
The Blue Max
We Were Soldiers
Empire of The Sun


Iron Eagle (all of them)
Red Tails
Black Eagle (Korean film...hilarious)

Top documentaries

Speed and Angels
IMAX Fighter Pilot/Magic of Flight

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Memphis belle is 100% fake crap. My grandpa was a 17 pilot and hated it. It tainted the movie for me.


I like Top Gun. Ive watched it 10000 times. Sue me.


Speed and Angels is an awesome documentary. Even if its Tomcat oriented :-)

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Top Gun

Flight of the Intruder

The Right Stuff

The Bridges of Toko Ri

Apollo 13

Flying leathernecks



Best documentary, hands down, is One Six Right.




Red Tails


We Were Soldiers is not a flying movie

I'll go along with the Iron Eagle series.

The harrier science from True Lies


Worst documentary, IMO, is Speed and Angels

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