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URS Instructor Pilot jobs at Rucker / Any Info??

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Does anyone have any info on the company (URS) that provides instructors for the primary course at Ft. Rucker.


1. Good company to work for?

2. Pros & cons?

3. Hiring minimums? (500 in category is all I can find)

4. How much turbine time do they require?

5. How difficult is it to get on with them? (Yeah, I know it's all in who you know as usual :D)


Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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1) Yes, a very good company to work for.


2) Good morale, good schedule, good pay. As with everywhere, you have the complainers but they are the exception rather than the rule at URS.


3) 500 is the minimum....... highly unlikely. I have seen a 700 hour R-22 CFI (and that's it) get hired off of the street, but that was the huge exception to the rule. Almost certainly there were some serious favors called in or he had dirt on some legislator somewhere.


4) Zero, but realistically a good bit.


5) Generally, these positions are filled by retiring military instructor pilots. At least that makes up 80% of the group. Some are current National Guard pilots and instructors. A few have never been in the military but come with a good bit of experience in the commercial world.


Is it possible for a low hour (1500 or less) pilot with little turbine time to get hired? Yes, I just gave an example. But it's like the 200 hour CFI right out of flight school that gets picked up by a major operator - you hear about it from time to time but it never seems to be you.


The fact is that URS, like most operators, probably gets many more applications than they have spots. Military and retired military instructors get preference, whether stated or not. That's based upon the fact that they are trying to train future Army aviators so it makes sense, and upon the fact that it is much easier to determine their flying history, knowledge, and skill from their Army records and contacts than it is an off the street civilians.


For the record, I am an instructor at Rucker, albeit on active duty. URS instructors and active duty instructors often work side by side.

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