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Can EMS workover be mandatory?

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Just a quick question:


I thought I remembered an EMS pilot once saying that there is a ton of workover available to someone who really wants to make money and/or travel, but never referred to it in any way as being mandatory.


I'm seeing a few posts and references that workover can be required for pilots at times. Is this true? Or am I misreading this?


"I know your 7 days are up, but we need you in Witchita for 5 days. Have fun."

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Nope, not mandatory. Just 2 weeks ago I was called for a work over and I said no because I already made weekend travel plans. Not a problem, the other guy I work with needed the money anyway so he took it. Can't speak for all companies but in ours, there are so many people that need the extra money there usually isn't an issue in finding people. It's a major deal though if they have to go out of service, so they'll fly you clear across the country to fill in. Me personally, I rarely do them. I like my 7 days off. :)


Just to clarify. I define work over as working out of town somewhere. Now working past 7 days at your facility because someone is out sick? Well it would be expected for you to work that. You'd have to have a pretty darn good reason not to help out at your own facility. You probably wouldn't have a job for long if you didn't help pull your weight at your base.

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