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Moral Waiver Requests

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I see a lot of back and forth with the acceptance and denial of moral waivers. I'm an AD Marine with close to 10 years of service putting together a WO package for 153A and just submitted for my moral waivers, what are some of your experiences with them getting approved or denied? If I get the waiver what do you think my chances are of being picked up at board?


APFT: 271

SIFT: 47


GT: 115


Currently working towards my major in Business Administration with 45 credits towards my degree.


Any advice or personal experience is greatly appreciated, I have all of my LOR's with 1 being from a WO-4 153A



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Well mine was denied, but I was a NPS civilian.




BS business 2.7 GPA

Decent Lor's

Father was an Army Officer (USMA)



All MEPS had to go by was my test scores, physical results, that I was enlisting in the Army, and I think that's it. As far as I know they see you on paper only and don't do the whole person concept like a WOFT selection board would. Hope this helps, I'm sure the process is different going 153a from the USMC.


You can view my thread to see my violations. Also, a girl going through MEPS for WOFT got denied and she had an aviation degree and ppl w less offenses than I. These are my only experiences w/ waivers so far. I heard with the current climate moral waivers are seldom granted. Hopefully someone else will chime in who knows more than an ignorant NPS civilian like myself.

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I had one approved. I was told that a major factor is the time since the event (I did this ten years ago when I was in high school and immature), what you did after the event (I attended ax murderer counseling and donated 100 hrs to Mother Against Ax Murdering aka MAAM), and the wording on your waiver request weigh heavily on whether it will be granted.

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