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Hello. LunarCat Labs has started to make some free youtube videos/graphical animations. (I have completed one as of this post). It is free on youtube for anyone to view.


So far, my plan for the videos is to have them be supplements that help visually display the concepts being learned.


I have started by making a video on Energy Management. I think I will do an SFAR intro next or some of the other SFAR topics.... Not sure yet.


I am just now learning the software (blender) I used to make the animations so hopefully the videos will get better as I get better.


Enjoy and feel free to comment.


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Pretty cool.


Was there supposed to be sound ?


Also I don't know if something is wrong on my end but it started out clear, then got blurry, I tried reloading bunch of times then it got clear at end again.... ???

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Thanks. Nope, there is not supposed to be sound. Not sure if I should try and do voice overs or not. I was hoping to try and make it visual enough that it does not need sound but maybe that is not the best thing to do.


As for it being clear and then blurry... on my computer it looks fine, but after I uploaded it, youtube did recommend doing something different when I create my video file. I wonder if it has to do with a combination of bandwidth and the way it is compressed? Either way I will implement youtube's suggestion on the next video and hopefully that will help.


Thanks for your input. :-)

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