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Where to Finish My Instrument Add-On

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Ok Guys and Gals, here is the situation.


The King Air, I have been flying has sold and I have some time to kill before it gets busy again.


I have 6 instrument hours in an R22 Instrument trainer from awhile back, but would like to finish in a R44.


The only place around me (4 hours drive) with a R44 instrument trainer is booked until late July. I was hoping to finish up in a week or two, once I started.


Where would you go? I do have frequent flyer miles to get somewhere, so traveling is ok with me.


Recommendations of schools, instructors are welcome.


Thanks & be safe,



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Go do it at Colorado Heli-ops, i'm sure Dennis would enjoy your company for a few weeks.


Good to see you back on the forum Dean, hope things are going well for you. Hope to see you again in November.


Be safe, and take care.



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I agree with Mike (Gary-Mike), give DP a call as he has a great CFII on staff that taught instruments at Rucker and 2 R-44s + the Frasca Sim!


If you are there, I am teaching two Seminars on July 13 & 14. I will be onsite from July 11 thru July 22.


Give Dennis a call tomorrow, he is finishing a contract today and will love to talk with you.


Best regards,


Mike Franz

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Give Leading Edge Aviation a call out here in Bend, Oregon. Ask for Galit Miller (our school administrator) or Karl Cotton (our Chief Flight Instructor.) We have great flying weather, two Instrument equipped R44 Raven IIs (1 VOR/DG ship, and 1 Garmin 500 glass ship), and great availability.


- Marc

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