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Colorado Safety Seminars in July

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Hi all, there are some great Safety Programs going on in Colorado next month:

Mike Franz will be at Colorado Heli-Ops from July 11th thru the 22nd. There is a ton of stuff on the agenda and i hope you all can take a minute to go thru this post and try to attend at least some of it. This is a great opportunity to meet Mike and the Heli-Ops staff, get SBT Facilitator Qualified and learn about safety and what the future holds for our industry.

We have discounted rates at some local hotels and car rentals, and are happy to help you with scheduling if you need, just give us at call at the hangar 303.466.4354.

More info about Mike here:


Mike’s Agenda

July 11, Thursday, arrival at CHO about 3PM, meet and greet, go over schedule

12, Friday, organizational workshop with CHO staff.

Anyone is invited to participate in this day of organizational planning, but know that Mike is a very focused guy and this will be a work day, not a day to visit or just hang out, we’ll have an open house Sunday the 21st with a BBQ and it will be a laid-back day for that.

13, Saturday, 9AM-6PM, C&E Seminar, all CHO F/I-CFII, + as registered

This is a great course put together by Mike to help make safer pilots. Please call us at Heli-Ops if you are interested (303.466.4354). There is a charge to cover lunch, course materials and venue rental. Everyone that has taken it, and there have been many, ranted about the value and time well spent. Here’s the notice:

IHST Safety Committee member & FAASTeam representative, Mike Franz, will hold a Seminar titled “Clarification & Enhancement of Aeronautical Knowledge for Helicopter Pilots” Sponsored by Colorado Heli-Ops and held at the Mount Evans Room at the Terminal building at KBJC on Saturday, July 13th, 2013. Seminar time is 9AM until about 6PM.

Topic's presented will include but are not limited to; Operator Structure and Industry Expected Practices, Performance factors, personal safe mentality preparation, Density Altitude factors, Power required/Reserve power, RPM Droop considerations, ETL considerations, ATC ‘devils’, H/V Diagram thinking development, High Hovers, Tail Rotor Failures, Low operating altitudes, Aborted Take Offs, Autorotation considerations, IIMC Avoidance & Recovery, Long cross country considerations, Pilot Errors, Situational Awareness, Real World Missions Planning with Risk Management and solid Aeronautical Decision Making.

Colin Downie, a CFI-RH & FITS SBT Facilitator states, “As a direct result of the C&E Seminar, my own understanding of several subjects has been greatly enhanced and my 'safe pilot mentality' has evolved to another level entirely which can only be a great thing for me and the person that I am training. I now teach subjects like the HV diagram, Density Altitude, Autorotations and cross country flights (to name only a few) with a refreshing new perspective that I can clearly see is safer, wiser and contributing to the smarter pilot mentality of the person that I am teaching and the helicopter training system as a whole. Attending the C&E Seminar got me hired in Houston!”

14, Sunday, 9AM-5PM, SBT Facilitator Course, all CHO F/I-CFII, + as registered

“The FAA Industry Training Standards Facilitator Course is a six to eight hour course that trains Flight & Ground Instructors to understand the FITS SBT Methodology, its three core concepts and elements within each respectively. This course educates instructors to both understand and apply the FITS SBT Facilitator skills in teaching pilots to learn both flying and thinking skill sets. It is a modern flight training methods skills course." This will also be held in the Mount Evans room at the Terminal Building at KBJC and will start at 9am. Course materials and lunch will be provided. Please call Heli-Ops for more details. If you are a current SBT Facilitator, and would like to sit thru the course as a refresher, there will be no charge.. we’ll even buy you lunch.

16, Tuesday Night, Colorado Air Space Safety Meeting.

This too will be in the Mount Evans Room at the Terminal Building at 7pm. This is our regular Safety Coalition Meeting and will include a number of speakers. We usually have 60 to 80 local pilots in attendance and always have pizza and drinks. Mike will speak about SMS & SBT and one of the Heli-Ops’ team will discuss VFR flight following.

We’ll also have Greg Feith back to dissect some accidents that he investigated over the years with the NTSB.

More info on Greg is here:


It will be a FAASTeam Event and you will be able to get Wings Credit for attending. More info will be posted asap, we also put out a monthly newsletter about these events and you can sign up here:


or here:


As requested, this meeting will be limited to only 60 people so watch for more info and sign up early.

15 to 19 work with CHO staff on initiative outline items and fly with staff as desired

Here are just some of the items that we will be fine tuning durning Mike’s visit: Heli-Ops’ Safety Management System, F/I-CFII areas of strengths, interest and responsibilities, Total SBT syllabi development with ongoing tweaking, Review CHO General Ops Manual, Review Emergency Preparedness Plan, Intro to 135 Orientation training. This week will be about safety and getting better in every facet of our operation. If you are interested, anyone can be a part of this if you have the time to sit in on the classes, there will be no charge for this part of his visit. I realize that this all sounds a bit intimidating, it was for me when Mike first contacted us three years ago, i honestly wanted to run for cover, but, he simplifies it all and makes it very easy to learn and retain.

On that subject, SMS is important and coming to all aspects of our industry, it’s not as hard to develop and implement as you might think and Mike can help you do this.. it’s actually pretty painless. It will be a part of your aviation future and we’ve been telling you this for years. Take a minute to watch this video about the subject put out by HAI and get with the program. This is a great way to add value to your company and your resume.


July 20, Saturday, FAASTeam Wings program at Air Methods

HAI and Air Methods is hosting a full day Safety Seminar:

Colorado Helicopter Safety Meeting at Air Methods in Denver

FREE Day-Long Safety Seminar for all Helicopter Pilots

Saturday, July 20, 2013 , starting at 8:00 am MDT

HAI, Industry Experts & the FAASTeam

Attention Helicopter Pilots! Join us for the very latest information on the safety issues facing the rotorcraft industry, presented by experts in their field. A panel of experts from industry, Helicopter Association International (HAI), FAA Safety Team and Denver FSDO will discuss local and regional issues affecting helicopter pilots, accident trends, personal risk assessment, safety initiatives, career paths/opportunities and many more topics relevant to all pilots. This is an extraordinary gathering of the rotorcraft community in one place. Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn, share with your peers, ask questions and have your voice heard. What you learn can save your life!

Here is a link to the event:


July 21, Sunday, CHO "Open House"

Heli-Ops will hold a casual Open House, we’ll have a free BBQ Lunch and be there to show you around our new facilities and answer any questions you might have about our operations or the industry.

July 22, Monday, MF departure in early AM

You can get updated information on these and other safety seminars on our facebook page here:


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I wanted to update you all on the past couple of weeks and the safety seminars. I am kinda disappointed that there were only 147 opens on this subject, but over 500 on the skydiving one. The cherry drying topic got 2,789 and that was about safety, so i guess it’s relevant. I would just hope that more want to grow and get better and safer, and learn more about these subjects because they are HERE!

The two seminars that we put on for our crew, the C & E and SBT Facilitator course were great with one CFII coming all the way from Vegas. There are now just under 70 Facilitators in the US with more on the way in the near future. More on that later.

The Tuesday night Air space safety meeting was awesome, we limited it to only 60 pilots this month and we had 74 (we don’t turn anyone away). It worked out better to have a smaller number as the room is pretty tight with more than 60. We may have found another venue tho and will try to have meetings down by KAPA as well.

The Air Methods/HAI Safety meeting was also completely awesome. There were about sixty pilots there, some flew all the way from Grand Junction in their personal AStar. There was a really nice breakfast waiting for us, in the HAI way, and we had an hour to network before the meeting opened. Mike and others spoke, they let us check out one of their simulators (EC135), fed us a great BBQ lunch and set the stage for safety and updating us all on current changes coming to our industry. Steve Frasier from Air Methods gave a great presentation about helicopter ground operations that we took a ton from and will implement on our tour days. The most important thing to come from the day was the striking comments that kept coming up from Stan Rose from HAI & Jim Hultgrien from the FAA, that FITS SBT-Higher Order Thinking Skills are here to stay. They are and will be a part of our industries future, and WILL make safer pilots. There is no doubt that our industry is changing and accepting this, and if you want to keep up you will need to learn about the above.

During the week Mike updated our SMS, and worked on a ton of stuff with our team. If you have an operation that could use some tightening up (and we all can, right?), i highly recommend that you contact Mike and see if he can visit. When he contacted me a few years ago i was really intimidated at the thought of him visiting and pointing out things that we were doing wrong, but, it wasn’t that way at all, he is very focused at bringing the industry best practices forward, but is patient enough to put up with me, and folks that know me can tell you that is above and beyond! lol



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