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Help me out to find out A JOB!!!

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Hello, every folks.


I have sucked for almost half year to find helicopter pilot job.

I have 300TT in Rotor, 200TT in Airplane and have CFI/CFII.


I underestimated how hard to find a job as CFI or tour pilot, because I liked to visit many schools to learn different aspect of school policy/teaching method/flying skill and ground school teaching method.


I have flue in CB300/R22/R44/R66/Bell206/MD500.

Also, I have attended RHC safety course/Bell school.


Even though I applied more than 200 flight schools and tour companies including even they are not hiring.


However, I have not got even an interview, yet.


If someone have tips, please help me out.



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Not to be harsh but you must work on your grammar.


Also, if English is your second language you should have someone you know proof read your cover letter. If it has grammar errors you will not get a response.

Grammar aside, it is hard to find a CFI job. Keep looking though. Have you inquired for CFI jobs in person?

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