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USAREC selection board contact

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I did some searching and even had Lindsey on the case and we couldn't find anything for this so I humbly ask all of you for some help. My packet will be completed and sent up to USAREC after my battalion board on the 10th and I'm hoping to get looked at on the USAREC board on the 15th. However, the deadline for packet submissions to USAREC was the 3rd. My question is if anyone has any contact information for the POC that deals with USAREC packets so I can ask them if my packet might be looked at or if I'm definitely not going to make it. I'm assuming it won't be looked at due to being significantly after the deadline, but I'd like to plead a case and see what I can do about getting looked at this month as opposed to September. Thanks in advance for the help.

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Are you prior or civilian?


Secondly, if your recruiter doesn't know, I'd get in contact with your battalion HQ and ask them. I'm not 100% certain but I think you can submit the packet up till a week before hand but if you are missing anything in the packet or if your recuiter forgot something then you will have to wait till the next board.


I'd say get on the USAREC web page not the USAREC Warrant officer page, and find your recruiting battalion HQ and contact them.

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I'm prior service on the civilian board. Battalion sounds like a good place to start, I'll get with them after the weekend and see what I can find out.

Im curious to know what Batt had to say about submitting after the USAREC deadlines? Im in the same boat as you: prior service, now civilian.



EDIT: Disregard, I believe I found my answer.

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I never got a contact (recruiters won't give it out) and I submitted 4 days prior to board, wasn't looked at. I'll be on the SEP board now. Being prior service doesn't change anything about the way to application process goes now that we're civilians. Same thing as street to seat.

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