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It seems like taboo to even mention moral waivers, but hiding in the shadows only gets us so far (dirty laundry ensues). I need moral waivers for a DUI and related charges that happened 10 years ago during my juvenile past. I submitted all required documents and then some for the Streamlined Moral Waiver Process a week ago, haven't heard anything yet (no news is good news). Now, all of a sudden, they announce that there is no longer a streamlined process and all moral waivers must be submitted as part of a complete warrant officer application (as of 10JUL2013). Me being me, I am thinking 1) this is because of me and I will never get approved, or 2) I will be the last waiver approved using streamlined process. Hoping for the later. Thoughts and opinions are welcomed, especially from senior warrants with knowledge of systems and processes. Keep in mind that this topic is for moral waivers only, not APFT, Physical, AFS, Prerequisite or any other type of waivers. I will try to answer any questions anyone has concerning the process to the best of my ability, but be advised I am applying just the same as you. I invite those of you who have received approved moral waivers in the past year to PM me to discuss the finer points of what went right for you.

For context, I am a long time lurker who has followed the progress of many of you who are regulars on the forums, and have gained valuable information from those who have succeeded and hoped for the best for those who have not.

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Nothing official other than the fact that I am an IP at Rucker and therefore close to some of the action, but the word on the street around here is that waivers of any sort being approved is less and less likely - we simply have too many people that don't need waivers that are fully qualified. You kinda have to think, "Why would we select someone who needs a moral waiver when we have 10 perfectly fine candidate files next to it that don't need a waiver?" Yes, other issues play into selection but that is a biggie.


DUI is zero tolerance once in so take that for what it is worth. I know yours was apparently a while ago but you are competing against those that don't need a waiver. "Related charges" that you mention may be aggravating.


Best of luck, truly, and hopefully your process will go well if you are an outstanding candidate in all other regards but I wouldn't get my hopes too high considering the budget climate that we are in right now.

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