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army flight school medical

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Hey everyone. I am interested in becoming an army aviator but have a question about the medical. Fifteen years ago I broke my arm and have a plate and screws in it. They are still there. Will this automatically disqualify me from flight servic, or can it be waived? I was a high school and college athlete and never had a problem with growth, mobility, or loss of strength. Any help would be appreciated.

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Im not 100% sure what the army does but I used to do flight physical for the Air Force cadets. Most likely you will need a waiver from a Orthopedic doctor, as long as you have full range of motion and no limitations than you would be in the clear.


On a side note, most disqualifications were for eye problems (color vision and failing depth). Also asthma is a big disqualifying factor too. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions feel free to ask.



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