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Cross Country trip

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Hi all. In a couple weeks I will be taking the family on a holiday from western Canada to southern Ontario in the 407. For this leg of the trip, I will travel the distance all through Canada. When I return, I have planned to travel through the US, crossing near Detroit, through Chicago, and west from there. A couple questions that I was hoping some of you can answer:


Any great sites to see along that corridor while travelling westbound? I have Mt Rushmore and Devil's Tower on the list so far.


What are the Restrictions regarding flying around these monuments (from what I read, I get 2000' vertically and horizontally???


Does anyone know the frequency used around these historical sites? Nothing I researched came up with anything, including the Charts.


If we get hungry while en route, and see a restaurant outside a City or town, can one land there (I do this quite regularly in Canada but I have heard the FAA may be a bit stricter in that regard).


I'll probably come up with a few more, but thanks in advance for any insight to these first few questions.



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The 2000' thing isn't actually a restriction. Since Mt Rushmore is a monument and inside a wilderness area it is recommended that pilots fly at least 2000' AGL to avoid noise pollution and potential complaints from people on the ground. Here's an Advisory Circular regarding these areas as well as the recommendation as per the AIM


Advisory Circular



AIM 7-4-6




For frequencies to use, I would contact some of the heli-tour operators and ask them what the standard practices are. Could be CTAF (122.8) or it could be heli air-air (123.025). Below is the website of a Rushmore tour operator. You could also try to find out what route and altitudes they fly. You may even be able to just talk them into letting you follow behind them during one of their tours.






As far as landing at a restaurant... If you have the land owners permission, by all means, land there. If not, well... Hopefully someone else has some advice on that.

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