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Anyone have t 3 Aug. Report??

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After going through the process and being accepted, I was told to expect to head to Ft. Rucker within a rapid timeframe. That was in early May, no word on a class date other than a pre-WOC class my unit requires. The day I returned from that I was told I could expect a class date of January at the earliest... Just got a call asking if I would be able to report next week!


Anyone else going to be there? Any quick advice on prep/packing?


Thanks in advance!

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From what I understand, and this could be wrong, it's just going to be getting in processed and all our paperwork in order. I've got a house ready at Allen Heights I move into on the 1st of August and I can stay there until the 13th when we start class.


Have you registered on the WO Net forums for our class? We are getting class positions assigned, discussing mascot and coin ideas, and just generally helping each other get prepared.

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