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Max. Op, Height 400 ft AGL.

Required to have lighting. Not sure if required to have red blinking and standard NAV lighting.

No Op. with 5 miles of airports. -- I asked a local operation if that included helipads and I was told "probably not."

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I run into full sized airplanes now....how are we expected to see a drone? So what if they are limited to 400 AGL! F/W are limited to 1000 AGL over LA and I dodge them at 400-700 all day long....there isn't any enforcement so what the hell.


After they kill a few of us the FAA might "adjust" their inane policies.....but that's just my opinion,


Just last Sunday I was at 1800 when a Piper showed up at 1400....about 600 AGL. So he was 400 feet lower than me flying within a few hundred feet of the Hollywood sign.......FAR's say he should have been at almost 3000 MSL.


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No different from dodging birds in my opinion. Just something else you need to keep your eye out for. No doubt we will start seeing UAV strikes in addition to bird strikes. I hoped this day would never come, but here it is...


Except a drone is moving a lot faster and much harder when you hit'em than any bird. And birds have skin in the game and a much wider view to see and avoid you...

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