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Rotorcraft Add-on from fixed wing questions

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OK I have read the SFAR regarding Robinson's and I guess I just need it in normal English.


I have my private and instrument fixed wing. 165 hours TT. I am just for flying pleasure/personal business not career.


I now want to get rotorcraft add-on. I think I will learn in an R44.


So how many hours do i have to have and please explain the SFAR73



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For a private rotorcraft add-on 30 hrs in helicopters required, but realistically 40-50 would be a better estimate. SFAR 73 requires 20 hrs before solo in a Robinson. Then you have to have 10 hrs solo, and meet all the training requirements for night flight, and cross-country flight, and solo takeoff & landings at an airport with an operating control tower.


You do not have to take the knowledge test if you already have your Private fixed wing certificate.

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