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Medical Cert. question

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What's up guys? It's about time to renew my Class 2, and I have a unique question. A class 2 Medical was the first cert I received. I wanted to at least know I could get it, so when I was asked by the AME's assistant which medical I was there for, that's what I told her.


I had to apply for a waiver from the FAA. Not for medical, but for legal reasons. When I had just graduated high school (just turned 18) I did something stupid, and as a result was arrested. That being said, during the exam, the Doc said I would have to write a letter to the FAA explaining myself, and request a waiver. 60 days later, my Class 2 came in the mail.


My question is, will I have to go through this process again to renew my Med? I tried calling my AME, but he is gone for the day, and I just figured I'd ask here. Thanks

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For what it's worth, my opinion is "no" you shouldn't have to explain it every time you get your medical, because it is already on file. But that's just my humble opinion, and of course the FAA usually has a different opinion on things than I do. :rolleyes:


Your AME should be able to answer it for you. Let us know what the answer was.

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On the application form, it states that you must provide the information unless previously reported to the FAA. If you have already reported it on a prior medical application form, it should not be required. The FAA already knows about it, they've already cleared you for a medical, and unless something in regards to that information has changed or a new information becomes available that you must report, you should be fine.

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Whatever issues you've had in the past that you would have to initially report shouldn't cause new head aches. You should be able to mark "previously reported, no change" for those conditions that would normally raise a red flag for first time applicants.


I deal with this with my special issuance medical cert. Getting it is the hard part - keeping it is just business as usual.

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