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R44 Ferry Flights- Tacoma, Washington to Ramona, California - Week of September 9,013

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Ferry flight expense sharing of an '09 R44 Raven II from Tacoma, Washington to Ramona, California. Shooting for a September 9, 2013 departure. This appears to be either a long one day or a two day trip with roughly ten to twelve flight hours. Plan to follow Washington - Oregon - California coastline or Interstate 5, whichever is more practical.


Looking for commercial pilot with R44 time to log flight time and share $150.00 per hour in expenses and be responsible for personal expenses. Will need to qualify for owner's insurance company's requirements.


Owner / Private pilot will share piloting, as needed. Owner's wife will probably come along as back seat passenger.


Richard Andersen




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I've got over 350 hours in the R44, I would plan on a two day flight...never be in a hurry on a long cross country, too much can happen.


But I'll pass on the sharing of costs, it's a good deal but you're probably not going to find a lot of pilots that have a lot of 44 time AND looking to pay to build more....more likely to find some R22 CFI's with 20 hours in the 44 that want build it up..


PS- Be sure to post this in the ferry flight section of the forum as well...you will get plenty of responses.


Have a safe trip!



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I would be willing to ferry your R44 for you under a contract, but not willing to pay to ferry it. I am a commercially rated pilot and SFAR 73 endorsed in the 44.

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