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Anyone at Fort Carson?

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Finishing up the 60A/M course in a few months, and my RFO just came down sending me to 4th CAB at Fort Carson. Is anyone familiar with that area? My wife and I are trying to get a head start on house hunting but we don't know anyone who has first hand knowledge about any of the neighborhoods.

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Colorado Springs is a great place. I have never been stationed there, but am from an hour North. I know of one couple that loves the Springs, hates 4ID, but he's a transpo XO. He lives off post in Fountain Co, about 20 minutes south. Moved there from on post. Never had any complaints.

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We live off post; because we wanted get the full experienced of living in Colorado.


North end of springs: I wouldn't recommend living up that far, just because it will not make for an easy commute.


South end of springs: If you live anywhere south of the North end of post you will be living in a more desolate area. It’s quiet, but not a lot to do.


West side of HWY 25: It feels more like you live in the mountains, more local businesses, tons of wildlife, and it’s a bit more quiet.


East side of HWY 25: More mainstream, big shops and malls, cookie cutter houses and neighborhoods.


The houses on post, from what I've seen, are really nice and fairly new.



I would highly suggest not commuting to Carson on Academy!


Hope this helps :)

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