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Sometimes you have a good day...

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Logged 5.2 hours today in gunnery. Shot 1000 rounds of 50 cal and 28 rockets.8 of those rockets were flechettes. Little orange puffs of awesome.


On a downside my kiester is sore as hell. Kiowas aint comfy.

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It's 0330 and I am headed home. Logged another 5.2 of night gunnery. I am tired and deaf.


I bet that 50 is unpleasent to shoot with muzzle "right there". The Huey's gauges would dance with the blast if my gunner shot forward. But "people" listen when those golf balls start hitting all around...

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It's not my butt that get's sore anymore... It's my back...


I was flying around Fort Rucker yesterday... oh the memories.


And man! Has Enterprise grown....

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