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It is a mix. The class leader will be highest ranking (generally) then other LTs, assuming there are no CPTs, will be in charge of their own squads. Squads are other LTs and Warrants.


Not sure what the point system is for commissioned, but for warrants the OML is now 30% BOLC, 12 % PT and 58% flight school IIRC. Recent change from 15/15/70

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Officer things in the Aviation branch from unit organization, vehicle ID, to supply chain. You have some field week where you do some land nav, "lead" or participate in a convoy, and combatives. That's pretty much it. Similar to WOCS, they teach you a class, then you take a test.

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My opinion is that the only thing that is the same as WOCS is the culture stuff. I think the aviation stuff is actually interesting and most of the instructors are solid instructors, at least the ones we have had. The maintenance and supply stuff is dry but good to have some exposure to.

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