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Secret Security Clearance

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Typically you'll get interviewed for your security clearance on the same trip to MEPS that you do your first physical. Immediately after the interview, if everything looks good to the interviewer, you'll be granted an interim security clearance and allowed to continue with the process.

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I wouldn't stress about it too much. Usually it's citizenship stuff and foreign national relationships that they might just ask a question or two about. My brother is an environmental biologist doing research north of the arctic circle in Canada but he's still a US citizen so it wasn't a big deal. Unless you've had some serious foreign dealings or a lot of close relationships with non US citizens I wouldn't stress too much about it.

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Current default federal loans such as student loans can automatically deny interim and you have to wait for the full investigation to clear you before your eligible. If you show your repaying and doing what your supposed then you can expect to get cleared but it can take several months to nearly a year in some cases. Also tax liens and levys can cause issues as well.

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