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Helicopter Crop Dusting with a Bell 206B II (N23SD)


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Ok, since I have "zero" experience in Ag flying other that watching it done a few times, what the heck was he spraying? Didn't look like much product being sprayed, and I couldn't tell from the video what the crop was. Just wondering. Cool vid none the less. Wouldn't mind doing some of that kind of flying someday if for no other reason just to say I've done it! ;)

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Hey, I flew that ship. Those guys taught me to spray and transitioned be to turbines in that 1 and their b3. They must've given it a paint job. Here's a picture of what it looked like a few years ago. I just pulled this off the internet. Those booms are for ULV(Ultra Low Volume) work. I know he's been doing testing for a chemical company the last few years. Those are apple in Eastern WA.




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