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TFR Waivers


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I need help. This is the first time that I am using the wiavers.faa.gov website to apply for a TFR waiver for an MLB game. I created the account filled out the entire waiver form but am stuck on this last sections called documents. It wants me to upload a verification letter in PDF format. What is this verification letter? I can't find anything in the instructions that outlines what the letter format is supposed to be nor what it should contain. I feel like I am missing something really stupid. Upon trying to submit without the letter I get this error: "You must attach a PDF-format verification letter in the documents tab before you can submit your waiver.
Note: You may have to click the 'Save Draft' button to ensure the document is properly saved before submitting."

Please help!


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Applicants must provide to the Airspace

Waivers Branch a letter of verification with a point of contact from the event sponsor (team), venue (stadium or raceway) or

national broadcast rights holder (CBS, FOX etc), verifying the

contractual obligation of the aircraft operator as required as an operational

function of the event or venue. The letter must identify the pilot’s business

name as stated on the application, the pilot name and aircraft registration

number along with the venue location, and event name and date. The letter must

be attached to the electronic application to verify the contractual obligation

in compliance with the Section 521 Public Law 108-199. All pilots and

crewmembers must be listed as part of the manifest on the application.


Sporting Events Waivers are

event-specific. Each approved waiver will specify the name, dates and location

of the specific sporting event(s) over which the pilot will be authorized to




Does this help?

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