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Channel Islands Helicopters adds R22 to fleet for Flight Instruction

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Channel Islands Helicopters located in Oxnard, CA is on of the most active tour companies on the west coast and has just opened it doors to extend its operation with flight instruction in the R22. The company has been providing flight services and instruction since 2009 and is excited to introduce its Robinson’s R22 to the fleet for their new students.


Channel Islands Helicopters “dba CiHeli” is reaching to meet the increased demand for helicopter training in the US. After close look at the current and past students history and experience in dealing with flight training the company began to research the industry concerns of students and financing. Located just outside of Los Angeles busy Class B airspace is the perfect setting for students to be able to learn in a relaxed atmosphere with a quick flight into higher density traffic areas as the students furthers their training. As the company began to research the “competition” within the region they realized that helicopter flight training is few and far between. There really was not a school that met all the expectations Ciheli put on itself.


Ciheli believes in success of the students, and are excited to begin this new adventure. We have recently added the R22 to our fleet and will be upgrading our R44 to an instrument training quickly. In addition, Ciheli has already begun the process of acquiring the FAA approval for becoming a part 141 operator. This is will be a huge step in the process and open doors for students with VA benefits and international students, with relations growing quickly in China, Hong Kong, Italy and across Europe. The process will take time, but exciting adventures is what we are all about.


For additional information about our program please contact the office via phone at (805)512-1371 or visit our website at www.ciheli.com. You may also email us at info@ciheli.com and a company representative will answer all your questions.

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