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In other recent threads I mentioned that some informational fact sheets (now called safety bulletins?) about autorotations, etc. were available at www.ihst.org and how to find them.


Here is a direct link:




Check back often as there are a few more about to join the list. Circulate the safety bulletins as you wish; students, flight schools, training aids, etc.


As an update, IHST is of course an international group that has been a joint effort of US and EASA (formerly JAA) groups. Everything was shared with input from both groups and sent through channels for listing or publication. It slowed things down so a US Helicopter Safety Team was formed (USHST) so we could get initiatives into the US/FAA system quicker. EASA still has input and coordination both ways. It is still a joint effort.


There will be a new USHST web site coming about with much of the IHST resources available there. I will try to post when it is functional.


Our Joint Helicopter Safety Implementation Team training work group (JHSIT twg) is now meeting twice a year in face to face workshops at Heli Expo & Flight Safety. The FAA (AFS-800 & AFS-630 ++), operators, flight schools, Universities & Industry stakeholders are represented by an experienced peer group interested in accident reduction.


Here is a link to the IHST organization and what the groups do:





This organizational structure does not show the new USHST addition but it all works together anyway.


Please use the many resources at www.ihst.org to better our industry and help reduce helicopter accidents.


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