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Flight Physical and Battalion Board

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I'm about 99% sure I've read somewhere on here that a few people had their Battalion Board Interviews while still waiting on their flight physical approval from Rucker.


My recruiter is telling me that I cannot schedule my Battalion Board Interview without first receiving approval from Rucker. I have everything else complete and am trying to make the November board.


I'm afraid that if they make me wait until approval comes back to finally just set up the Battalion Board interview, I won't make the November board.


If anyone out there has been able to do this before your flight physical approval, your advice is greatly appreciated!


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my prior post about this dont count cause i did guard route but i do know that all the recruiting battalions do things slightly different. when it comes to this, id play their game and be patient. sometimes its good to pick your battles with the recruiter vr. battling it all and running thrm off mid process... does your recruiter know your trying for the november board? maybe say that and it might light a fire

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